Discipleship Walk

What is Discipleship Walk?

Christian discipleship is a continual process of the Holy Spirit transforming us into disciples of Jesus and calling to make a difference in the world around us.
The Discipleship Walk is a lay-led three-day weekend designed to give believers an opportunity to break from regular routines and experience the love of God in a fresh way.
The first full day speaks to God’s call upon our lives.

The second day we focus on how to fulfill the call upon our lives, as well as come to a better understanding of Christ’s love for us.

The third day is centered on going forward into the world from which we came just a few days before.

It is the intention of the Discipleship Walk to lead each person into a closer relationship with Christ where they might become more intentional and mature in their faith so that each can make a difference for Christ in his or her own world.

“Discipleship Walk not only had an impact on my life, both by attending and serving, but I continue to see it used of God to impact others.

This lay-led ministry is one of the great catalysts for spiritual growth offered to our church family.”

Pastor Craig