Giving Hope Christmas Store Volunteer Registration

December 2nd, 2024 from 8:30 am – 1:00 pm


Volunteer Opportunities

Below are the various Christmas Store serving areas. Please read through each role and select the position that best fits you.
Volunteer Serving Area Selection(Required)

Definitions of Serving Areas

Elf: Elves are connected one-on-one with a family and walk them through the entire Christmas Store experience. Elves will be given information on their family and will help them find their way to our Amazon Shoppers, haircutting stations, family photos, and anywhere else a family may need to go while in the building. Elves will also be responsible for inviting their assigned families back for our Christmas at Crossroads services and praying with families before they leave the Christmas Store.

W.H.O.: Winter Hospitality Operatives are the kindest, warmest, most fun! If you are a W.H.O. you will be charged in any of the following missions: greeting families joyfully, serving families delicious Christmas snacks, attending to families’ various general needs and questions, praying with families and making sure every family goes home with wrapping paper and tape for their soon-coming presents!

Reindeer Wranglers: Reindeer Wranglers are skilled in the art of all things kiddos. Reindeer Wranglers will work alongside highly trained Kid Experts to assist with crafts, activities, and sharing the gospel with the stars of this event…the kiddos!