I've Decided to Follow Jesus

As I write this message, I am rejoicing in your decision to commit your life to Christ. I believe it is the greatest decision of your life. God loves you and wants to be active in your life each day. Crossroads is committed to you and your spiritual growth. We are here to help you live in the full life that Christ came to bring (John 10:10).

You may be asking, “What should be my next step?”

Let me make it simple for you.

1.) A booklet will be mailed to you to help you grow in your faith and should answer some common questions.

2.) One of the greatest things you can do is simply attend church faithfully, whether online or in person. Each weekend you will grow as you engage in worship and learn practical teaching from the Bible.

3.) Be baptized in water. Jesus commanded us to be baptized in water to solidify our commitment to Him by declaring our faith publicly. You can sign up at the Connection Center, or visit welcometocrossroads.org/baptism

4.) Attend Starting Point, it's for people who are brand-new to Christianity, who are processing things having been away from church for a while or just have questions or doubts about faith and spirituality. This small group conversational experience can help you create a firm foundation for your faith. Each week participants gather together for group discussion and complete a work page and discuss what it all means. You can sign up at the Connection Center, or visit welcometocrossroads.org/startingpoint

5.) Attend Growth Track. Growth Track meets weekly - monthly in room E117 during 2nd service at 11 a.m. with the goal of guiding you on an exciting path of personal growth. Visit welcometocrossroads.org/GrowthTrack and let us know you’ll be attending

Pastor Craig White