All great endeavors start with a vision.  The Bible declares that “without a vision, the people perish.” In our next season of ministry, we'll be asking the question, "What if?" 

"What if we were irrationally generous?"
"What if we launched another Crossroads campus?"
"What if we expanded our existing facility?"
"What if we gave more money than ever before to local and global missions?"
"What if we did all we could to reach those far from Christ?"
"What if?"

Crossroads Church has made an incredible impact on our community over the last 21 years, but we believe God is just getting started. All we ask of you is to take the next step in obedience. Whatever God has for you, take that step.


If would like to help launch our "What If?" campaign, you can do that today! You can purchase a special "What If?" shirt for $100. All proceeds from the shirt will be used to kickstart our next season of ministry.
*Shirts can be picked up at Crossroads Church Mon-Fri from 9am-4pm or Sunday mornings from 8am-12pm.

Life Builder Shirt - What If


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